!I am a professional illustrator, cartoonist, caricature artist, and graphic designer. I have had the opportunity to work on all kinds of projects, from comic books to animation to character design. But for years, one of my favorite things to do is sit down in a coffee shop, mall, Jiffy Lube – any public place, really – and draw the people around me. Some personalities, styles, or situations just jump out and scream to be drawn: whether it’s a woman who could be a Super-Villain or an old man in an old car with a million stories to tell. Those subjects and moments have given rise to this book.


Over the years, I’ve built up quite a library of sketches. Sometimes those sketches inspire characters in a comic strip or other finished illustration. Here you’ll find a bit of both, peppered with notes about what caught my eye, stories (real or imagined) to accompany the faces, or bits of detail about my process. The work in this book represents years of learning and practice for me, which I hope offers some fun character reference for artists and plenty of enjoyment and amusement for all. Who knows, you may just find yourself among these pages.  ORDER HERE!